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Parking Spaces

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Regular Units


Climate Controlled Units

Our Locations

149 Rosemark Rd, Atoka, TN 38004
office: (901)837-0357


1700 Old Hwy 51 S
office: (901)837-1635
fax: (901)8376487


4701 Mueller Brass Road
office: (901)476-2382
fax: (901)476-2335


Finding Your Self Storage Space

  1. How does the rental process work?
    Don’t stress, there are three easy steps to self storage:

    • Search for the right APC location

    • Select the size storage unit you need

    • It’s time to store!  On the day of  your move-in you can complete your rental paperwork in our leasing main office, move your stuff into your unit and put a lock on the door.

  2. Do I need a reservation?
    It’s like a hotel – you don’t need a reservation, but it’s better if you have one. With a reservation, you’ll be sure the unit you need is reserved for you, and it will save you time on move-in day. You can reserve online up to  7 days in advance or by phone up to 30 days in advance.

  3. Can I rent in person or on the telephone?

  4. What sizes self storage units do you have?

  5. Do you have climate controlled units?
    Yes. Climate controlled units are designed to maintain a set temperature range of approximately 55-80 degrees using A/C and heat.  In addition, humidity is maintained in a range to help preserve the integrity of your belongings.

  6. What’s a roll-up door?
    Roll-up doors are like garage doors – they roll up overhead for easy access. They’re usually wider than swing doors, so it’s easy to move things in and out.

  7. Do you offer RV/boat/car/motorcycle parking?

Moving In

  1. Does APC provide locks? Do you keep a key to my self storage unit?

  2. Do you have trucks available to rent for moving?

  3. Do you have handcarts or dollies I can use at your properties?

Security And Access

  1. When can I access my self storage unit?

  2. What’s the difference between access hours and office hours?

  3. Will my stuff be safe?
    Very safe. Here’s what we do to ensure the security of our buildings (varies by location):

  4. If I rent a storage unit from you, can my spouse, kids or friend have access, too?

  5. If I forget my access code, what do I do?

Lease Terms

  1. Do you rent space month-to-month or do I have to sign a long-term lease?

  2. What kind of documentation do I need to provide to rent a storage unit?

  3. How do I move out?

  4. Do you require insurance on my stored goods?


  1. Do you have automatic payment options?

  2. What if I’m late in making my payment?

Other Questions

  1. If I don’t rent storage, can I still purchase moving and packing supplies?

  2. Do you hold auctions?